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Email Security – All of it

Email is a bane of existence. The pain and suffering involved in running an email server does not improve character. Fortunately eventually a recipe has been concocted which suits reality. TLS Transport Layer Security is the encryption for the connection between the email reading device and the email server on the internet. If you have … Read more

Email Done Right

Email Senders Guidelines Gmail classifies incoming mail in the following ways: Spam vs. non-spam: Spam messages are placed in the spam folder, while non-spam message are placed in the inbox. Mail categories: Most users use Gmail’s default inbox which further classifies non-spam mail into categories – Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. Primary, Social and … Read more

Continuous Updates

Due to the complex multilayered nature of a modern website with its links to Twitter, Facebook, G+, LinkedIn and other services and the requirements of security including firewalls, intrusion detection, backups and load balancing there is a constant need for updates. Thanks to the interlinked multilayered systems involved one small update can have far reaching … Read more


Recent server changes have left this site somewhat bare. Now that work is in progress on several clients at once time is limited to revamp my own site. See that, putting the needs of the client first. As a break from the gruelling slog I will be gradually fixing up my own site.